Backup Data Restores
Direct Access to Tape Data for Selective Search and Restoration 

Backup data is locked away in proprietary formats, formats only the original backup software can interpret. This makes access to legacy backup data complex and expensive. For organizations that use tape as an archive and require access to content for legal or regulatory purpose, finding specific content or migrating data from backup is not an easy task, especially as the backup data ages and the original software and infrastructure no longer exists.

Index Engines has eliminated the proprietary nature of backup software and unlocks the data archived in backup images. Using Index Engines’ patented technology, legacy data on backup tape or disk images can be directly indexed, searched and relevant data restored without the need of the original backup software. This unique software technology enables organizations to access and migrate legacy backup data more intelligently than ever before.

In the past organizations needed to maintain backup tapes or disk-based backups as an archive as this was the only method of managing this content in support of long-term retention. However, when an eDiscovery requests occurs, or the risk and compliance team inquiries about legacy data, organizations realize that backup images are not the best place to archive these critical business records. Index Engines’ direct tape access transforms the process of managing legacy data, managing risk and costs associated with the content.

Use Cases:

eDiscovery Restores: Index Engines provides selective restoration of data from tape, a more intelligent and cost-effective approach when compared to traditional restoration service providers. Leveraging Index Engines direct tape indexing, specific content (files, emails, mailboxes) can be searched and individually restored without the need of the original backup software. This process is faster and more efficient versus traditional tape restoration of bulk content, followed by search for the responsive data utilized by outdated service providers.

Legacy Data Migration: Organizations have realized the pain and expense of using backup as an archive. Hording legacy tapes in offsite storage or replicating backup data on disk images to support legal hold is expensive and results in hidden risk and liability. Leveraging Index Engines’ intelligent approach, data of value can be migrated from backup tapes or disk to online archives to support long-term retention. This approach enables polices to be enforced on legacy data, offsite tape storage costs recouped and infrastructure retired.