Backup Tape & Catalog Management
Streamlined access, restoration and migration of legacy backup data

Backup is designed for disaster recovery - not long-term retention of business records, however, many organizations used backup for this purpose, and now realized the complexity and expense of having done so.

Index Engines delivers access to legacy backup data and management of catalogs, eliminating the dependence on the original software vendor. These solutions streamline eDiscovery, migration of legacy data from tape, and consolidation and retirement of legacy backup software.

Products Include:

Catalog Management

Catalog Ingestion: Ingestion of legacy backup catalogs enables legacy backup software to be retired and maintenance fees recouped. Index Engines manages the catalog going forward, providing search, reporting and classification of the legacy data.

Catalog Rebuild: For backup formats that are not currently supported for catalog ingestion, Index Engines can rebuild the catalog by scanning the catalog headers on tape or disk. This enables reporting and classification on the backup catalog metadata to find data of value.

Backup Data Restores

eDiscovery Restores: Index Engines delivers direct backup data indexing, on tape or disk, allowing the contents to be searched and selectively restored without the need for the original backup software. Indexing can be performed at the metadata level or full content as required, with forensically sound restoration of native files and email/mailboxes to support eDiscovery and compliance requirements.

Backup Data Migration: For organizations that want to eliminate the use of backup tapes or disk images for long-term retention, Index Engines provides cost-effective migration of data of value to disk or cloud archives. Typically a small percentage of backup data has LTR value and is selectively migrated from backup allowing for tapes to be remediated.