Backup Software Migration
Simplify migrations and consolidations of backup software

Keeping legacy and non-production backup software running to support future restoration requests is costly. Not only do you have to pay maintenance on the software, but you must also keep staff trained on the system and maintain infrastructure to support legacy data access. Maintaining these legacy applications is a source of wasted expense and resources.

Index Engines delivers patented software that ingests legacy backup catalogs providing ongoing access and management of the content without the need for the original backup software. Once the catalog is ingested, the legacy software can be retired, recouping unnecessary maintenance and infrastructure costs. 

Using the Index Engines intuitive search and reporting interface, the catalog metadata fields can be searched and data discovered. Index Engines can also fully scan legacy backup images and tapes to fully index email and files for metadata or full text search of the content. Once the relevant data is found, it can then be restored without the need for the original software and migrated to disk or cloud storage.