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Who's To Blame For Our Growing Ransomware Insecurity?

When something is your responsibility, and things go wrong, there's a certain power in accepting the blame, even when you don't believe you are at fault. It's much easier to fix yourself than fix someone fix things you control than fix things you don't.

In "Seven Myths That Could Compromise Your Ransomware Response" (available for $195, or here for a limited time for the cost of some of your PII ), Eric Ouellet, Gartner's Vice President of Digital Workplace Security, lays out a compelling and surprisingly non-technical explanation of ransomware's virulence. According to Ouellet, the techniques employed are neither sophisticated nor particularly stealthy. Rather, its success should be attributed to failure of data centers to proactively keep up with well known best practices.

To combat that risk, Ouellet recommends a laundry list of tasks that include deploying end point protection systems comprehensively, applying the latest patches quickly, managing access control policies tightly, and the like. I'm the piece for the details.

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