Data Indexing and Search
High speed, efficient indexing across all data sources

Index Engines delivers the most comprehensive and scalable indexing and search platform on the market today. Leveraging patented indexing technology, no other solution can scale to support extreme data environments which include sources such as network data, corporate email, archives and even legacy backup data.

Index Engines data indexing can reach speeds of 1TB per hour and deliver a range of indexing from light metadata to full-text content of files and email data. Data sources include the most diverse and comprehensive list of content including network files and email, corporate email including Exchange and Notes, archives including SharePoint and Enterprise Vault, and also legacy backup data. No other solution can support this diverse range of content across the organization.

Beyond document metadata, Index Engines also captures Active Directory (AD) and ACLs metadata which is available for search and reporting. AD allows to search, report and classify users by their group membership, typically a department. This would allow for search and reporting of users that are a member of the research or human resources groups. ACLs metadata on documents determines what users have read/write/browse permission for the file. This is useful for reporting and classification of data during a security audit.

Searching via the intuitive Index Engines web based interface is fast and efficient. Quickly find data based on Boolean, proximity, regular expression, wildcard, patterns, location, conceptual and other powerful search criteria. Search across networks, email servers, even legacy and archive repositories. Flexible deduplication options ensure you can find the unique data you need and quickly filter out redundant content.

As data is searched and list of relevant results displayed, Index Engines presents a preview option to review the content of the files and email. Using the document review panel highlighted search keywords and content can be scanned and the relevancy determined allowing files and emails to be tagged for easy access and management.


  • Fast, scalable indexing. With speeds reaching 1TB/hr you will never have to wait while data is processed to begin the culling process.
  • Federated indexing and search for distributed, large-scale environments.
  • Efficient and scalable platform with index sizes ranging from 1% of the data for metadata only, and 5% for full text content.
  • Support for all common unstructured user data environments from networks and desktops, to corporate email (EDBs, NSF, PSTs, etc.), to archives including SharePoint and Enterprise Vault.
  • The only solution to support direct indexing of legacy data on backup tapes for direct access and management of the content.
  • Range of indexing from light metadata, to user mailboxes, to deep full text content.
  • Support for deduplication via MD5 hash and document signature.
  • Intuitive web-based search and reporting interface.
  • Flexible queries including Boolean, pattern, proximity, regular expression and more.
  • Option to save queries for common searches.
  • Tagging of data to support classification and management of content.
  • Flexible deduplication settings enable the user to change deduplication settings after indexing without reindexing.