Index Engines and Dell EMC
Unlocking Backup To Enable Transformation

Index Engines has partnered with the data protection division to help clients manage their transition to Dell EMC’s backup and disaster recovery solutions and support the sales of NetWorker, Avamar and ECS Cloud Storage.

The specific use cases include:

1. Retire Non-EMC Backup Software: Index Engines ingests the catalog that will be displaced and allows for immediate retirement of the backup software. This saves ongoing maintenance costs of the legacy backup software and allows Dell EMC backup solutions to be deployed quickly and efficiently. Index Engines maintains ongoing management of the legacy catalog and restore capability for the data.

2. Consolidate Non-Production Backup Software: For clients that maintain multiple non-production backup vendors to support on-going access to the legacy data, Index Engines can ingest the catalog and manage the data going forward. This allows retirement of expensive non-production software and a migration option to archive data from tape to ECS.

3. Eliminate Tape and Migrate Data of Value to ECS for LTR: Tape should not be used as an archive for data of value. ECS presents a better solution for long-term retention as data is more available versus offline tapes, and can be managed effectively. Index Engines delivers a cost effective migration solution, without the need for the original backup software, to move data of value from tape to ECS for LTR. Clients will see that ECS offers a more cost effective solution versus tape.

Contact Index Engines today to learn how we can work with you to eliminate competitive backup vendors and transform the clients use of tape for LTR.