Intelligent Migration, Tape Access for EMC Customers
Discover intelligent migration and legacy tape access through the Index Engines EMC partnership

Backup software locks data in a proprietary format making migration to a new solution, or access to legacy data in support of legal and compliance complex and costly.  If you’re looking to make a move to EMC NetWorker or Avamar, or are constantly spending significant time and money managing and accessing legacy backup data, then you should learn more about backup migration.

Catalyst from Index Engines supports cost effective management of backup catalogs, while maintaining direct access to files and email from tape or disk without the need for the legacy backup software.

Typical Catalyst solutions include:

1. Transition to EMC NetWorker/Avamar ensuring access to legacy backup data
2. Retire non-production backup software vendors
3. Eliminate the requirement to maintain NetApp servers to support NDMP restores.
4. Consolidate multiple backup catalogs into one manageable environment
5. Provide direct restoration of legacy data to support legal and compliance requests
6. Migrate data of value from legacy backup tapes/disk to EMC storage for long term preservation

Other offerings from Index Engines

Backup Tape Remediation Index Engines scans legacy backup tapes and then searches and extracts specific files and email without the original backup software. This allows you to only deal with relevant files (typically less than 1 percent of the tape content) and not the bulk of useless content. Index Engines intelligent tape discovery solution has made tape remediation an achievable project and often it is less expensive than current offsite storage fees allowing your client to recoup this expense.

Data Profiling Index Engines technology allows all forms of storage and document types to be analyzed and the user is provided a searchable ‘map’ of the type of information that exists, where it is located, who owns it, when it was last accessed and what key terms are in it.With this knowledge, organizations can take action on their data. This includes purging what is no longer required, allocating storage resources and costs to business units, archiving what must be preserved for legal and compliance purposes, and performing policy audits against user content.

Information Governance & eDiscovery Managing electronically stored data (ESI) for eDiscovery and legal holds should not be a complex process. Index Engines’ high-speed ESI collection and management platform makes the culling process time and cost efficient; enabling eDiscovery and legal hold projects to be completed under stricter deadlines and budgets with less man hours.


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