Streamline Migration to NetWorker and Avamar
Simplify backup software conversion to NetWorker and Avamar

Eliminate obstacles around the migration to EMC NetWorker, Avamar or ECS. Index Engines' catalog engine ingests and manages backup catalogs (TSM, NBU and CommVault) allowing ongoing access to legacy tape data without the need for the original backup software.

Using the catalog engine you can simplify migration from other backup solution to Dell EMC and provide the confidence that data can be accessed and managed once the legacy backup software is retired.

Catalog Engine Advantages

  1. Migrate to NetWorker/Avamar: For sites that have been backing up data for years using other solutions it is difficult to make the decision to migrate to NetWorker or Avamar. The catalog engine enables ongoing access to data in backup formats providing the confidence that content can be restored without the original software
  2. Retire legacy backup software: Once the catalog engine is managing the legacy catalog access to data is easy and the need for the original backup software is eliminated. This allows for the retirement of this software and the elimination of the related maintenance fees.
  3. Maintain access to tape data: The catalog engine understands all the common formats and can directly search and extract individual files and email as needed without the need for the original backup software. When you need to find a specific file or email simply search the catalog to find the relevant backup set, and then scan this tape with the catalog engine to create a searchable index of the content. Once the content is located it can be easily extracted from the backup image.
  4. Remediate tapes and migrate relevant data to online archive: Tapes are not a long-term archive. Important business and legal content are archived on tape and become difficult to access as tapes age. Extracting critical business data from tape and securing it in an online archive ensures that data will be accessible and managed appropriately into the future.

Download the scoping worksheet here.

How does it work?

Using the catalog engine, the backup catalog can be ingested from the legacy media server and managed moving forward with the Index Engines platform. When specific user files or emails are required from legacy tapes, the catalog engine searches the catalogs metadata fields for responsive data.

Once the relevant data is located and the tape and the backup set identified, the catalog engine performs a deep scan inside backup including individual files and email, fully indexing the backup set, allowing for content to be searched and extracted. Specific files and/or email within Exchange or Notes can then be restored from tape as necessary without the use of the original backup software.

View Sample Catalog Engine Reports Here