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Risk, Paralysis, and the GDPR

Last February the headliner was Nik Wallenda, the seventh generation member of the world famous Flying Wallendas. He and his troupe promised to be the first to perform the seemingly impossible - an 8 person pyramid walk across a tight rope suspended atop the tent - without a net - until, during a dress rehearsal two days before opening night, tragedy struck. The pyramid collapsed, and five of the eight were rushed to the hospital.

Why did they take such risks?

Memories of this event flooded back to me after reading Gartner's How to Implement File Analysis for GDPR Challenges, a wakeup call for IT infrastructure and operations leaders everywhere. I live in the circus of data governance, where the balancing act is the competing agendas of your compliance and IT organizations, the risks are legal and regulatory, and the stakes are the life of your company. Keep reading

Where to Find Data Protected by the GDPR

Does the GDPR apply equally to all three classes of storage: primary, backup and archive? The GDPR applies to all that stuff. I've never heard anyone argue against that. Keep Reading

Where GDPR

How to Find the Data Protected by the GDPR

The question I hear from governance professionals the most is "how do I search for that kind of data?" If you share their curiosity, I can tell you that it dictates... Read more


How to Protect the Data Protected by the GDPR

Let's say that you've designed a strategy for finding all the personal data you have under management in your enterprise. ... Are you done? Far from it.Keep Reading


The Cost of Privacy: How to build an ROI for the GDPR

By fully embracing the change that GDPR compliance requires, you will dramatically transform your data center and the costs associated with it... Continue Reading


The Cost of Privacy: How to build an ROI for the GDPR

So what's the difference between Privacy and Security? When it comes to managing data, the difference is captured by the following formula: Privacy = Security + Governability Learn more


Eating the Elephant: How to get Started with Data Governance.

Data maps, high level functional reports of a company's data under management, are essential prerequisites for building a data compliance program. Keep Reading

Eating Elephant