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For the past decade Index Engines' high-speed ESI collection and management platform has made the eDiscovery process time- and cost- efficient, making Octane the choice technology for top legal professionals.

But our dedication to value, defensibility and time to data never stops, that's why we're proud to launch Octane 5.1 at LegalTech New York.  

Octane 5.1 Debuts at LegalTech New York

Visit us at booth No. 1315 to see Octane 5.1 in action and be the first to pick up material on how it will simplify and grow your business. Among the new advancements, you'll see:

  -  Advanced indexing of SharePoint

  -  Dynamic, integrated dashboards

  -  Defensible copy of forensic images

As always, Octane maintains its  validated speed of 1 TB per hour, culling and filtering ESI on a single server, automatically deduplicating, denisting and filtering results.

Index Engines' eDiscovery Workflow streamlines processing and collaboration unlike anything else on the market. Don't take our word for it, see for yourself at LegalTech New York.