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Primary Data Management

Index Engines delivers the fastest, most efficient enterprise class indexing platform on the market today. It provides search, reporting, disposition and preservation of unstructured user data in support of stakeholders ranging from IT to legal and security. No other solution can scale to support global data centers and satisfy a range of use cases that include security assessments, migrations and consolidations, legal hold and eDiscovery, as well as defensible deletion.


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Primary Storage Data Management


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  • Index Engines: Scales to federated, petabyte environments with powerful metadata and full content search.
  • Varonis: Not architected to support large data center environments that require metadata and full content search.



  • Index Engines: Virtual server can support large data volumes, no agents or collectors required.
  • Varonis: Requires network of Windows servers, collectors and SQL databases to support large-scale environments.

Complexity & Pricing


  • Index Engines: All in one solution that provides cost effective search, classification, management and governance.
  • Varonis: Requires add-on modules for additional features that make it expensive and complex.



  • Index Engines: Architected as a governance solution to support personal data management and full content search.
  • Varonis: Architected as a security solution, and not for governance where full content search is required.