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eDiscovery Service Provider Solutions
Defensible, Time Efficient & Budget Friendly

Index Engines’ high-speed ESI collection and management platform makes the eDiscovery process time and cost efficient; enabling eDiscovery service providers to complete more complex projects under stricter deadlines and budgets with less man hours.

Index Engines understands that discovery deadlines are tightening, making every hour of every day crucial. Even just a day or two delay takes away mission-critical time litigators need, which is why we provide you with the fastest indexing engine on the market – a validated 1 terabyte per hour, per node - not just marketing hype. Once profiled, the data is equipped with intelligent filtering options to streamline and accelerate the culling process. No one has a more dramatic impact on time to data.

Delivering reliability and defensibility is critical to your firm’s credibility and ongoing relationship with your client. We maintain steady, reliable results using a single interface and an integrated workflow that allows for unified identification and capture of unique ESI from hard drives, network, email servers, forensic images and even backup tapes.

Finally, we help you remain within your budget. Our pricing models are designed to be extremely competitive and predictable. Project or subscription based solutions allow for cost effective deployment options. Working with your needs, Index Engines designs a solution that meets any budget and can easily grow as the volume of projects expand.

To learn more about becoming an Index Engines eDiscovery Service Provider, contact us today.

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