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New personal data regulations. Threats of cyberattacks. Support for retention and archiving policies. Cost of storing files in the data center. New cloud migration strategies. How organizations manage and protect user data is fundamentally changing.

Index Engines tackles these challenges with the only enterprise class solution that supports user data across both primary and backup storage with petabyte-class scalability and performance. Index Engines’ clients are empowered to manage, analyze and govern data, controlling costs and supporting regulatory requirements. 

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Download Catalyst Express

The free 5TB unstructured data governance tool from Index Engines

Catalyst Express supports the assessment, management and governance of unstructured corporate data assets. Through a Linux software application, organizations have the opportunity to perform metadata and full-text search and analysis on up to 5TB of LAN data, giving them information on last accessed time, owner, created date, number of duplicates, file type, keywords, the presense of PII and more. 

.Answer questions like:

  • What types and classes of data are being stored and where?
  • When are files being accessed and modified?
  • Which users can access what files?
  • Where is the personal, sensitive, non-compliant, regulatory or high-value data?
  • How much storage is consumed by redundant, old, trival or stale data?


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Management Edition

Understand what data exists on your network and manage it more effectively. The Management Edition gives you an affordable, quick and intuitive way to execute your data policies.

Analysis sma

Analysis Edition

The Analysis Edition combines the indexing, reporting and tiering of the Management Edition and adds advanced capabilities including pattern and sensitive data search.

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Governance Edition

The Governance Edition provides comprehensive indexing, search and management of sensitive and personal data across primary storage and backup data to support critical initiatives.

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Cyber Threat Detection & Recovery

Adds a layer of protection to real-time cyber security solutions with CyberSense's analytics, machine learning and forensic tools to quickly detect and recover from cyberattacks.

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Backup Data Management

Direct access to legacy backup data and management of catalogs, eliminating the dependence on the original software vendor and supporting transition to a new vendor.

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