Validate the integrity of backup data, detect corruption due to ransomware and support streamlined recovery to minimize business interruption.

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Octane for eDiscovery: ESI Collection
Get what you need, when you need it from any source

Octane provides the most powerful, comprehensive collection solution on the market today allowing you to secure any data from any source quickly and easily.  With indexing speeds up to 1TB/hour using a single node you can be ensured that you meet your deadlines.

Additionally, only Octane can identify and defensibly collect ESI from any source you may encounter, including: online network data, desktops and forensic images, email servers and even backup tapes. Regardless the source, Octane has it covered.

Deployment Flexibility

Octane is designed to meet your needs with a range of deployment options that support your collection challenges.  You can deploy:

  •       Octane Software is easily deployed into your lab to support the processing of even the most complex collection projects.
  •       The Octane Onsite Collection Engine, a portable server, to bring Octane to remote locations and take advantage of its processing power to defensibly identify and collect responsive ESI. 
  •        Index Engines’ cloud services to compliment or supplement your collection needs.  If you do not have the infrastructure to process backup tapes, or you have a large scale project, the cloud lab can complement your team and provide the resources required to get the job done. 


  • Speed - Octane is the fastest indexing platform on the market today. With indexing speeds reaching 1TB/hr you will never have to wait while data is processed to begin the culling process.
  • Unified Collection -  Consolidate multiple collection tools with one powerful platform. Collect ESI from online networks, forensic images, email servers, SharePoint and backup tapes, using a single solution.
  • Rapidly Deployable - Plug and play appliance is rapidly deployable with no integration or programming required.
  • Comprehensive - Quick and easy collection of all email and email attachments regardless of location to satisfy even the most demanding discovery requests.
  • Automated - Store and schedule queries and filters and collect ESI as Octane is connected to any source. 
  • Broad File Type Support -  All common unstructured files , including documents, presentations, spreadsheets, multimedia, and more can be indexed, searched and collected.
  • Exchange and Notes Support - Supports direct access and management of MS Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes servers (including EDB, NSF, and PST databases) support discovery.
  • Direct Tape Access -  Provides cost effective, direct access to legacy data on backup tapes. All common tape formats are cataloged and indexed, without the need for the original backup software.
  • SharePoint Collection - Efficient and comprehensive collection of ESI from SharePoint.  Index data in place and extract what is required. 

Detect527 Detect

Analytics and machine learning detect corruption with 99.5% confidence.

diagnose527 Diagnose

Forensic reports identify the impact of the attack and the vector utilized.

recover527 Recover

Detailed listing of backup sets with most recent pre-attack version of files.

 Power Over Information™

Index Engines has been providing organizations with power over information since 2004. Our scalable, high performance indexing engine has been uniquely architected to support both primary and backup data and is unmatched in the industry.

CyberSense® is the latest offering that combines analytics and machine learning to detect corruption due to a cyberattack with 99.5% accuracy. Beyond CyberSense, Index Engines delivers an extensive information management product family that supports management and governance of content with petabyte-class scalability and performance.

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Manage thin small

Management Edition

Understand what data exists on your network and manage it more effectively. The Management Edition gives you an affordable, quick and intuitive way to execute your data policies.

Analysis sma

Analysis Edition

The Analysis Edition combines the indexing, reporting and tiering of the Management Edition and adds advanced capabilities including pattern and sensitive data search.

Governance small

Governance Edition

The Governance Edition provides comprehensive indexing, search and management of sensitive and personal data across primary storage and backup data to support critical initiatives.