Validate the integrity of backup data, detect corruption due to ransomware and support streamlined recovery to minimize business interruption.

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Classify Data via Active Directory
Report and classify data based on groups
Profiling and classifying user data allows organizations to develop a intelligent disposition strategy that may include securing sensitive data, migrating aged content to the cloud, deduplicating storage and freeing up resources, and more. Classifying data according to users is too granular. Active Directory allows for classification of users by department allowing for a more meaningful view into large volumes of data center content.

Catalyst leverages Active Directory to report and classify data based on groups. Using Catalyst's data profiling module, a summary report can be generated that shows members of a specific group, such as research or marketing, and the data owned by these members. This allows for a departmental view into network content so that it can be managed more effectively.

Additionally, Catalyst can look at the inactive members group in AD. This is typically ex-employees of an organization. Leveraging this information you can report on abandoned content, or content owned by ex-employees on the network that no user is accessing. This content can be migrated offline or even defensibly deleted.

Using Catalyst combined with Active Directory data can be profiled and classified by departments and business groups. This allows for a more meaningful view into corporate data assets. Additionally, leveraging the AD group containing inactive users network data can be cleaned and purged from expensive storage environments saving on IT budgets and reclaiming wasted expense.

Detect527 Detect

Analytics and machine learning detect corruption with 99.5% confidence.

diagnose527 Diagnose

Forensic reports identify the impact of the attack and the vector utilized.

recover527 Recover

Detailed listing of backup sets with most recent pre-attack version of files.

 Power Over Information™

Index Engines has been providing organizations with power over information since 2004. Our scalable, high performance indexing engine has been uniquely architected to support both primary and backup data and is unmatched in the industry.

CyberSense is the latest offering that combines analytics and machine learning to detect corruption due to a cyberattack with 99.5% accuracy. Beyond CyberSense, Index Engines delivers an extensive information management product family that supports management and governance of content with petabyte-class scalability and performance.

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Management Edition

Understand what data exists on your network and manage it more effectively. The Management Edition gives you an affordable, quick and intuitive way to execute your data policies.

Analysis sma

Analysis Edition

The Analysis Edition combines the indexing, reporting and tiering of the Management Edition and adds advanced capabilities including pattern and sensitive data search.

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Governance Edition

The Governance Edition provides comprehensive indexing, search and management of sensitive and personal data across primary storage and backup data to support critical initiatives.