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New personal data regulations. Threats of cyberattacks. Support for retention and archiving policies. Cost of storing files in the data center. New cloud migration strategies. How organizations manage and protect user data is fundamentally changing.

Index Engines tackles these challenges with the only enterprise class solution that supports user data across both primary and backup storage with petabyte-class scalability and performance. Index Engines’ clients are empowered to manage, analyze and govern data, controlling costs and supporting regulatory requirements. 

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Index Engines continually teams up with authorized, well-respected resellers to ensure our information management and archiving solutions are readily available worldwide. If you’re a dedicated reseller or interested in connecting with one of our resellers, contact us today.

Many companies today are too busy to and physically don’t have the man hours to research solutions to problems every day, so they continue to suffer with their roadblocks. This is what makes our resellers so valuable. They’ve already done the research, tested the product and are ready to deliver the solution that best fits their clients' need.

Index Engines offers a competitive reseller package and present our resellers with a number of solutions designed to reduce risk, secure data and reduce costs.

Legacy Backup Tape Remediation

Index Engines technology scans legacy backup tapes and then searches and extracts specific files and email without the original backup software. This allows you to only deal with relevant files (typically less than 1% of the tape content) and not the bulk of useless content. Index Engines intelligent tape discovery solution has made tape remediation an achievable project and often it is less expensive than current offsite storage fees allowing your client to recoup this expense.

Backup Software Conversion

By leveraging indexing technology that allows for the search and extraction of data on legacy backup tapes without the original backup software, there is no longer a need to maintain the legacy backup infrastructure to access historical data. Index Engines technology can be used to manage the legacy backup catalog and provide access to legacy tape content after the organization switches to a new backup strategy.

Storage Capacity Optimization

Optimizing the use of your storage infrastructure is impossible unless you have a deep understanding of the content that makes up this environment. The Index Engines data profiling platform is architected for the enterprise and delivers comprehensive summary reports of storage capacity including data’s last accessed time, owner, location and more.

Data Profiling

Index Engines technology allows all forms of storage and document types to be analyzed and the user is provided a searchable ‘map’ of the type of information that exists, where it is located, who owns it, when it was last accessed and what key terms are in it.

With this knowledge, organizations can take action on their data. This includes purging what is no longer required, allocating storage resources and costs to business units, archiving what must be preserved for legal and compliance purposes, and performing policy audits against user content.

Information Governance

Index Engines powerful, enterprise-class Information Governance platform allows policies to be run and data to be managed accordingly. Using an intuitive user interface, policy queries can be created, stored and scheduled. Index Engines can apply policy against all user data and email including data in offline tape archives so you can enforce and oversee your Information Governance plan.

Defensible Deletion

Index Engines enables you to enact and enforce a defensible deletion policy in an enterprise-class environment by scanning a wide range of data sources including, online networks, email servers, and offline backup tapes, to provide a profile of the content. All documents, corporate email, hidden pst’s, and legacy content backed up by IT are discovered and those that fit in to defensible deletion queries can be purged.

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Management Edition

Understand what data exists on your network and manage it more effectively. The Management Edition gives you an affordable, quick and intuitive way to execute your data policies.

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Analysis Edition

The Analysis Edition combines the indexing, reporting and tiering of the Management Edition and adds advanced capabilities including pattern and sensitive data search.

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Governance Edition

The Governance Edition provides comprehensive indexing, search and management of sensitive and personal data across primary storage and backup data to support critical initiatives.

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Cyber Threat Detection & Recovery

Adds a layer of protection to real-time cyber security solutions with CyberSense's analytics, machine learning and forensic tools to quickly detect and recover from cyberattacks.

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Backup Data Management

Direct access to legacy backup data and management of catalogs, eliminating the dependence on the original software vendor and supporting transition to a new vendor.

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