Cost Benefits of Tape to AWS Legacy Data Migrations

Sample Scenario: Client has 1,000 tapes in offsite storage and are maintaining a legacy backup software environment to support access to the data. Client would like to make this content accessible to support legal and regulatory requirements as well as to make content available to knowledge workers for future business use.

  • Tapes are LTO-4 format, containing 1,440 TB of data in total. Index Engines will compress this content to a deduplicated, single instance of all data amounting to 43.2 TB. This includes all unstructured files, email and databases, no culling of the content.
  • For maintenance fees of the legacy software assume a full backup of 6TB and the client is using Veritas NetBackup.
  • Once the legacy tapes are migrated to cloud storage, the client will stop making tapes and eliminate the infrastructure and also a legacy backup application from the data center.
  • Client has about 5 legal events per year that requires production of data from these legacy tapes

Based on this common scenario, a company that transformed their environment using Index Engines and AWS would save $818,760 or 76% over three years.


This 76% savings could easily be repurposed in other areas of the data center including upgrading other data center infrastructure and hiring additional employees.