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Retire legacy backup applications while maintaining access to the catalog at a fraction of the vendor fees.



Perform an assessment on the backup catalog to determine data of value for long term retention in legacy backup images.

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Perform ad hoc restores to support legal discovery or migration of data of value from backup without the need for the original software.


Smarter Management of Legacy Backup Data 

Paying to maintain legacy backup catalogs is expensive. Getting data off legacy tape has been a long, complex process. Ignoring backup data archives can be a governance nightmare. Index Engines empowers organizations to make smarter decisions regarding legacy backup data through patented direct indexing technology that does not require the original backup software. This non-invasive scan of backup images on tape or disk allows intelligence to be obtained about the contents: files types, dates, users, and more. Extraction allows the selection and specific content to be gathered for ad hoc requests or a complete compliance-driven migration.


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