Backup Tape Restoration vs. Direct Indexing

Index Engines makes restoration of legacy backup tapes obsolete

The traditional method of getting data off tape has been the long, expensive process of tape restoration. Backup tape restoration services use the original backup software to remove data from tape and bring it online in order to begin the discovery or data management process. Direct indexing and extraction is a more intelligent, time-efficient process than backup tape restoration.

This process was invented and patented by Index Engines and it significantly streamlines the collection of data from tape compared to a traditional restore.

With Index Engines, extraction of content from tape does not require the original backup software to access backup tape content and restore data.

Additionally, extraction leverages the index to understand data at a file and email level.

Using direct indexing and extraction you can review the contents on tape, find relevant content and extract what is needed without tape restoration.

Direct indexing is a non-invasive scan of the tape that allows intelligence to be obtained about the contents: files types, dates, users, and more. Extraction allows the selection and specific content to be gathered. Backup tape restoration services require you to restore data first before you can find the relevant content. It’s a radically different process. The benefits of extraction over tape restoration are clear savings of both time and money.

  • Retire legacy backup applications and eliminate maintenance and support costs.
  • Eliminate infrastructure (servers/libraries) and resources required to support legacy backup software.
  • Go tapeless, stop tape purchases and eliminate offsite tape storage and management expenses.
  • Provide direct access to relevant files and email/mailboxes for selective restore.
  • Faster time to legacy tape data increasing response time for legal and compliance requests.
  • Eliminate the use of expensive 3rd party restoration specialists and provide self-service access to backup data.

Index Engines's Workflow vs. Traditional Tape Restoration

IE Workflow

Traditional workflow