Backup Tape Access and Management
Cost-effective access to files and email from legacy backup tape

Legacy backup tape has been ignored and left to pile up in off-site storage vaults, where it is becoming a threat, liability and growing cost.

Even though there is little chance of ever needing these backup tapes for restoration purposes; current legal, compliance and regulatory requirements have shed new light on legacy tapes making them a risk and a target for litigation and eDiscovery.

Index Engines manages legacy backup tape with a patented engine that provides cost-effective, direct tape indexing and extraction, which eliminates the need for bulk restoration of the content.

Organizations are now empowered to directly index files and email on tapes, including the contents of user mailboxes, allowing for a comprehensive search of content and metadata to find individual items. This enables organizations to quickly cull backup tape data to what they need and only produce relevant files and email from tape.

Index Engines offers a number of solutions for backup tapes that simplify access and management of the content. These include:

  • Backup Catalog Management – Ingest the legacy catalog and retire non-product backup software. Use Catalyst to search the legacy catalog, locate the appropriate backup tape, fully scan and index the content, and extract what is required. No need to maintain the original backup software.
  • Audit Tape for Sensitive Data – Profile tapes at the catalog or full content level to understand what exists and make disposition decisions about the content.
  • eDiscovery Requests from Tape– Scan tapes required for litigation, search for specific content such as user mailboxes, and extract data to legal hold. This solution can be performed within your data center or in Index Engines cloud lab.
  • Legacy Tape Remediation - Manages long-term liability of the tape content. Additionally, backup tape remediation reduces annual expenses related to legacy tape storage and recoups significant data center costs. Index Engines enables you to access any content with business or retention value, usually less than 1 percent, and purge the tapes.

If you prefer to not remediate legacy tapes the Catalyst Catalog Engine can manage legacy catalogs, allowing you to retire non-product backup software. This cost effective approach to managing legacy systems enables search and access to tape content without the need for the original backup environment.

 Backup Tape Indexing Highlights:

  • Reduces costs and complexity associated with managing and producing data from legacy backup tapes.
  • Simplify the extraction of files and email by eliminating the need for restoration with legacy backup tape software.
  • Rapid turnaround, extracting only what is needed, typically a small volume.
  • Process large volumes of data with automated tape processing and minimal resources.
  • Manage long-term risk of legacy backup tape according to corporate policy.
  • Reduce off-site storage expenses by remediating backup tapes.
  • Direct indexing, search and extraction of specific data files on backup tapes, without the need for the original software that created the tape.
  • Supports all common backup formats including NetBackup, Backup Exec, TSM, Commvault and many others.
  • Search and extract individual files based on full text and metadata criteria.
  • Comprehensive access to individual email content from MS Exchange (EDB, PST, etc.), IBM Notes (NSF) and more.
  • Efficient, high speed processing allows for bulk management of tapes.
  • Rapidly deployable, no complex integration is required.

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Index Engines delivers direct access to legacy backup data and management of catalogs, eliminating the dependence on the original software vendor.

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