Remediation of Legacy Backup Tape

Migrate data from tape to disk/cloud to manage risk & costs

Backup tape accumulates quickly. Mergers, acquisitions, normal business activity and disaster recovery procedures can create large volumes of tapes. Before you know, it an organization has stockpiled anywhere from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of tapes.

Backup tapes typically sit in offsite storage vaults once they have outlived their disaster recovery requirements, where they are protected from degradation. The majority of the content on tape is of no use, however, legal, compliance and regulatory policies require that a subset of the content, typically less than 5 percent, is preserved for long-term retention and legal hold.

Index Engines provides streamlined access to legacy data on backup tapes. Finding and extracting relevant content required by legal and compliance is now a cost-effective process. The process eliminates the need for the original environment, including the backup software, and automatically scans tapes, generating a searchable index of the content. Finding user mailboxes or sensitive documents using keyword or metadata search is easy. Once the relevant files and email are found, they can then be extracted directly from tape and migrated to an online/cloud archive where retention policies can be applied.

A typical tape remediation project utilizes high-speed cataloging and indexing of the tape images. A backup tape library automates and speeds up processing of even the largest tape repository. Since only a small volume of tape content is typically relevant, extracting this data from tape is fast and efficient. In fact, most backup tape remediation projects can be achieved in fewer than 12 months, saving the ongoing tape storage costs and managing long-term risk and liability.

Backup Tape Remediation

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Index Engines delivers direct access to legacy backup data and management of catalogs, eliminating the dependence on the original software vendor.

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