D2D Management & Reporting

Search and manage files and email within disk-based backup images

Index Engines provides direct access to individual files and email stored on disk-to-disk (D2D) backup platforms. Using patented technology, D2D backup images are crawled and indexed allowing for comprehensive search and extraction of content. Relevant files and email can be archived directly from backup for long-term retention in support of corporate polices.

D2D backup storage provides convenient and powerful disaster recovery capabilities, however, when legal or compliance requests data that is only available in these backups, it is a challenge. Fulfilling these requests is next to impossible with D2D storage as the content is locked away in proprietary backup images. A full backup restoration is then required in order to gain access to the data.

Using Index Engines’ direct access to backup images, specific backup sets can be fully processed enabling individual file and email content to be found and retrieved. When a compliance or legal request is made for data, it can easily be found, extracted and placed on hold from the backup image, eliminating the need to crawl and search the primary storage or restore it using the backup software.

Index Engines’ D2D management and reporting can be used for:

  • Data profiling: Profile D2D backup images at the catalog or full content level to understand what exists and make disposition decisions about the content.
  • eDiscovery: Scan D2D backups required for litigation, search for specific content such as user mailboxes, and extract data to legal hold.
  • Long-Term Retention: Manage and preserve data with LTR requirements by applying corporate data governance polices to backup images and archive what is required.
  • Tapeless D2D Backups: Index Engines works with virtual tape libraries,  leveraging the existing backup process to automatically identify and extract specific files and email for regulatory, compliance and legal applications according to pre-defined policies. Once data of value is archived from backup, there is no need to make tapes off the back end and preserve them for LTR.


  • Comprehensive access and management of files and individual email, from backup images stored on disk based backups systems/VTL’s such as Data Domain.
  • Support long-term retention, compliance and regulatory policy using content backed up to disk by moving it to an archive for long-term preservation and archiving --reducing the need for archiving physical tapes.
  • Identify and clean up disaster recovery and storage platforms (ie. ex-employee data and content not accessed in more than five years) by leveraging powerful reports and streamlining the backup environment.
  • Direct access to files and email within D2D images, without the need for the original backup software.
  • Search full text and metadata to find and extract individual files and email from backups to support legal, compliance and archiving requirements.
  • Comprehensive access to individual email content from MS Exchange (EDB, PST, etc.), IBM Notes and more.
  • Supports all common backup formats including NetBackup, Backup Exec, TSM, Commvault and many others.

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Index Engines delivers direct access to legacy backup data and management of catalogs, eliminating the dependence on the original software vendor.

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