Backup Catalog Management
Simplify backup software conversion and maintain access to legacy tape 

Catalyst for backup catalog management provides a time and cost effective solution that simplifies conversion and consolidation to a new backup platform while maintaining access to legacy backup tapes. A key component to any data center migration or consolidation, Catalyst eliminates the need for the legacy backup environment and provides easy access to files and email on old tapes.

For clients looking to transition to a new backup software provider or consolidate a data center, Catalyst will manage the legacy catalog going forward and allow for immediate conversion to the new solution. The initial release supports access to CommVault, IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) and Symantec’s NetBackup content with other formats coming soon.

How It Works

The Catalyst backup catalog management module is software that is rapidly deployed in the data center and ingests the legacy backup catalog from the media server. Catalyst will manage the backup catalog for the retired backup software going forward and provide search against legacy files and email repositories.

When specific user files or emails are required from legacy tapes to support eDiscovery, legal and compliance requests, the engine provides detailed insight to the catalogs metadata fields (e.g. file name, path, dates, file type) for specific files and email databases.

Once the relevant data is located and the tape’s volume label identified, catalyst will process the backup set, allowing for the file and email contents to be searched and accessed. Individual files and email can then be extracted from tape as necessary. No restoration using the original backup software is required.

Catalyst eliminates the pain associated with managing legacy data as part of the transition to a new backup vendor. The engine takes legacy backup data in the current vendor’s format (and even a generation or two older platforms) that is locked away and makes it easily accessible after switching to a new backup vendor.


  • Reduce the costs and complexity associated with legacy backup software.
  • Simplify the transition of switching backup software vendors and eliminates the need for restoration with legacy backup software.
  • Rapid turnaround, immediately move to a new platform, regardless of platforms.
  • Maintain access to old information without using the original environment.
  • Manage long-term risk according to corporate policy.
  • Reduce off-site storage expenses by remediating legacy tapes.
  • Processes antiquated backup sets, allowing for the file and email contents to be searched and accessed.
  • Extract individual files and email from tape as necessary without restoration.
  • Efficient, high-speed processing allows for management of large volumes of tapes.
  • No complex integration is required.

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Index Engines delivers direct access to legacy backup data and management of catalogs, eliminating the dependence on the original software vendor.

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