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CyberSense takes a fundamentally different approach to detecting a cyberattack and forms a last line of defense that examines inside files and databases enabling organizations to quickly restore clean data. 

This emerging technology delivers the only full content, first pass scan of data on the market and provides the cyber recovery plan organizations need.

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CyberSense adds a layer of protection on real-time ransomware and cyber protection solutions - learn more in our data sheet.

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CyberSense Whitepaper

The World’s Leading Analytics Engine to Detect Data Corruption Due to Ransomware. Download our latest whitepaper to learn more.

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Data Integrity Whitepaper

Full content analytics and data integrity will help win the ransomware battle

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Analytics whitepaper

Moreno Valley Schools

"The fact that CyberSense uses indexing and comparison technology without the threat of reintroducing malware makes it a big differentiator from any product that does malware or ransomware scanning out there.”

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