The World’s Leading Analytics Engine to Detect Data Corruption Due to Ransomware


The World’s Leading Analytics Engine to Detect Data Corruption Due to Ransomware

CyberSense: The Last Line of Defense for Thousands of Organizations Worldwide

When conventional security tools fall short in safeguarding data against cyberattacks, CyberSense® steps in to detect data corruption after an attack with 99.5% accuracy and facilitates intelligent and rapid restoration. Serving as the last line of defense for thousands of organizations worldwide, CyberSense ensures the integrity of their data assets, including core infrastructure, production databases, and critical documents, instilling confidence that data is clean from malicious corruption.

Distinguishing itself as the only data integrity software, harnessing over 200 content-based analytics indicative of ransomware corruption, CyberSense employs robust AI-based machine learning models to generate alerts with 99.5% accuracy when corruption is detected. Furthermore, CyberSense's post-attack reports furnish the intelligence necessary for expedited recovery with minimal data loss.

CyberSense validates data in popular backup formats without rehydrating the files, alongside other flexible deployment options such as data snapshots. Distributed globally through a network of leading partners, this software stands as a vital asset in the defense against cyber threats.



Analytics and machine learning detect corruption with 99.5% confidence.


Forensic reports to diagnose and identify the impact of the attack.


Reports on the last good version of files to streamline recovery.

CyberSense®: How it Works

CyberSense scans backup data and snapshots to validate its integrity and identify malicious changes indicative of cyberattack. When an attack occurs CyberSense provides forensic reporting to diagnose and recover to normal business operations. CyberSense uses a combination of over 200 full-content-based analytics and machine learning to detect corruption with 99.5% accuracy.
If data corruption is identified, CyberSense provides forensic tools to diagnose and recover, including reports on files that were impacted so they can be replaced with the last known good version to ensure business operations return to normal with minimal downtime.
How Cybersense Works

Post Attack Diagnosis

When an attack occurs, recover with confidence!

What the Experts are Saying

With over 20 years of proprietary technology, industry experts have a lot to say about CyberSense.

Quietly and behind the scenes, Index Engines has notched up Dell, IBM, and Infinidat as OEMs for its ransomware detecting CyberSense technology.

CyberSense provides early detection of cyber attacks to accelerate response, minimize disruption, prevent data loss, and reduce risk to the business.
CyberSense can distinguish between user activity and malicious, ransomware-like changes to files, databases, and core infrastructure.

CyberSense®: Why Us

Index Engines leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI), pioneering its use case in cyber security, most prominently as part of CyberSense’s Machine Learning (ML) engine, which makes probabilistic decisions on the integrity of all classes of data.

CyberSense’s 200+ analytics combined with AI provide comprehensive insight that does not need to guess at suspicious behavior, but is deterministic with the diagnosis. In fact, based on testing of over 70 million backup datasets in our lab and generated from academia, as well as analytics data from clients, the confidence CyberSense provides in detecting corruption due to ransomware is 99.5%. Others come nowhere near this level of confidence.
Why Choose Cybersense

Case Study

“CyberSense® provides us that single point of reference to truly understand the current state of our data and know that we’re protected.”


Gilbert, Arizona

Gilbert improves cyber resiliency to better serve residents using Dell Technologies’ Cyber Recovery with CyberSense®.
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Index Engines clients range from small data environments that manage terabytes of content to global firms that support complex data environments measured in petabytes. Deployments include everything from data minimization, legacy backup catalog and data consolidation, to ransomware recovery and governance readiness.

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