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Detect, Diagnose and Recover from a Cyberattack

When existing security tools fail to protect data from cyberattacks, CyberSense is there to detect data corruption and facilitate an intelligent and rapid restoration. CyberSense is the last line of defense for hundreds of organizations worldwide. These customers are validating the integrity of their data assets, including core infrastructure, production databases, and critical documents to provide confidence that it is clean from malicious activity.

CyberSense is the only software to utilize over 200 content-based analytics that are indicative of ransomware corruption. Powerful machine learning models will generate alerts when corruption is detected and CyberSense’s post-attack reports will provide the intelligence needed to recover quickly.

CyberSense supports scanning of data in popular backup formats without having to rehydrate the files, as well as other deployments including data snapshots. This software is sold through several leading partners including Dell Technologies

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