Forrester Research: 80% reduction in hours spent on recovery after a ransomware attack

Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery with CyberSense®

CyberSense® for Dell Technologies PowerProtect Cyber Recovery

CyberSense is fully integrated with Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery and monitors files and databases to determine if an attack has occurred by analyzing the data’s integrity. Once data is replicated to the Cyber Recovery vault and retention lock is applied, CyberSense automatically scans the backup data, creating point-in-time observations of files, databases, and core infrastructure. These observations enable CyberSense to track how files change over time and uncover even the most advanced type of attack.

This scan occurs directly on the data within the backup image without the need for the original backup software. Analytics are generated that detect encryption/corruption of files or database pages, known malware extensions, mass deletions/creations of files, and more.

Machine learning algorithms then use analytics to make a deterministic decision on data corruption that is indicative of a cyberattack. The machine learning algorithms  have been trained with the latest trojans and ransomware to detect suspicious behavior. If an attack occurs, a critical alert is displayed in the Cyber Recovery dashboard. CyberSense post-attack forensic reports are available to diagnose and recover from the ransomware attack quickly.

Forrester Total Economic Impact™

Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery With CyberSense

80% Less Recovery Hours

Backup and recovery teams spend 80% less time locating the data to restore and bringing it back into production.

Resiliency Mindset

Adopting the PowerProtect Cyber Recovery vault and CyberSense increases the organization’s resilience maturity.

No Comparison

"CyberSense could give us analytics that would tell us the health status of our data was something that nobody else could compare to."

75% Less Downtime

When experiencing a ransomware attack, the organization gets its systems back online 75% faster than it could before.

53% ROI in 3 Years

Organization experiences benefits of $463,000 over three years versus costs of 
$303,000, adding up to an ROI of 53%.

CyberSense has paid off

"It’s helped us identify things that don’t need to be in there, that may be suspect, and to go back and get a different version of the data."

Case Study

“CyberSense® provides us that single point of reference to truly understand the current state of our data and know that we’re protected.”


Gilbert, Arizona

Gilbert improves cyber resiliency to better serve residents using Dell Technologies’ Cyber Recovery with CyberSense®.
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