The Standard for Detecting Ransomware Corruption

99.99% Accuracy

99.99% Accurate Detection: Recover Smarter with CyberSense®

Driven by advanced AI-based analysis and full-content inspection of data, CyberSense® features a 99.99% service level agreement (SLA) to accurately detect sophisticated corruption caused by the latest, most sophisticated ransomware variants.

Modern ransomware variants are increasingly performing stealth corruption of data. Continuous validation of data integrity is crucial to minimize downtime and simplify the recovery processes, thereby mitigating the negative impacts of ransomware attacks.

Verified Rate for Accurate Detection of Ransomware Corruption

The CyberSense 99.99% SLA, goes through rigorous testing against real-world scenarios with live ransomware. By leveraging continuous learning and AI to perform deep content inspection, CyberSense achieves unprecedented accuracy when detecting data corruption.

Without this level of accuracy provided by CyberSense, organizations will remain vulnerable to ransomware attacks and will face elongated downtime and complex recovery processes that will negatively impact their organizations.

Maintain Confidence

that alerts are real, and that false positives and negatives will be minimized

Support Continuous Accuracy

with AI training done using real ransomware and studying how it changes data

Minimize Data Loss

and cyber liability through detailed forensic reporting for faster, curated recovery

Prevent the Next Attack

by feeding CyberSense's telemetry data to SIEM/SOAR systems


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"Enterprise Strategy Group validated that the approach to creating the data sets and training the ML models for Index Engines’ CyberSense are as complete and thorough as possible, justifying the quoted 99.99% accuracy rate.

For organizations seeking to incorporate AI/ML in improving its accuracy in detecting ransomware corruption, we strongly suggest closely looking at CyberSense."

- Alex Arcilla, Analyst, ESG

Behind the Numbers: How we Calculate our SLA

CyberSense has a validated 99.99% SLA for detecting ransomware corruption during in-house lab testing. This standard is maintained prior to each release. This industry-unique technology is trained extensively with the latest live ransomware variants from academia,, the dark web and more.

CyberSense observes how the data changes over time, looking at the content on the files, database pages, Active Directory files and more. Once it’s been trained, it's thoroughly tested on new datasets, upholding its 99.99% accuracy before each release.


Data Samples Collected for Testing


Samples Infected with Ransomware


Successfully Detected with 3 False Negatives


Verified Rate for Accurate Detection
About our 99.99% SLA
The 99.99 SLA is our commitment to our customers to uphold the highest standard of in-house lab testing to detect data corruption from ransomware.

Index Engines is the world’s leading AI powered analytics engine to detect data corruption due to ransomware. Index Engines' CyberSense® empowers organizations to detect ransomware and data corruption and facilitate smarter recovery from attacks.

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