• Data Integrity	 - 10 Must See Reports for 2019
  • Unstructured user data can represent over 80% of all corporate data.
  • Cost Control and Data Minimization, Cloud Tiering, Regulatory Policies; Cyber Attacks; Data Security
  • We accumulated 10 of the more popular reports from the Index Engines’ user community to share so you can prepare for 2019.
  • Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial data can represent over 40% of total unstructured data assets.
  • Reporting on active data versus inactive data will allow for this aged content to be archived off primary storage (cloud is a cost-effective target).
  • Business contracts and agreements, legal documents, key engineering files and other intellectual property are often distributed across file shares.
  • The EU GDPR and other emerging personal data regulations are changing how user data is managed.
  • Reporting on the use of email and PSTs across the data center will facilitate access to this information, especially when faced with legal discovery events.
  • Reporting on known ransomware extensions, such as .encrypted, .locked, .crypto, .LOL!, .OMG!, etc., enables rapid detection so further data destruction can be avoided
  • Ransomware often attacks and corrupts user files, commonly MS Office documents
  • Entropy scores range from 0 to 100 and will increase to 99 when a file is encrypted.
  • Many organizations are faced with employees that turn into bad actors.
  • Reporting on ACLs and directories  that have EVERYONE access, as an example, will uncover data that must be secured
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Data Integrity: 10 Must See Reports for 2019

Organizations are struggling with uncontrolled data growth. Risk-aware and cost-conscious organizations are realizing they need a better understanding of their data in order to reduce risk buried in unstructured data, optimize storage infrastructure, find and utilize intellectual property and add in extra security features to protect data.  

We've assembled some of the most popular reports being utilized by our clients. To gain better insight into your own data, download this presentation or contact us.