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Cyberattack Recovery with Dell EMC and Index Engines

Index Engines is a proud Dell EMC partner.

Our CyberSense software is fully integrated with the Dell EMC Cyber Recovery Vault and analyzes data in backups to identify files and databases that have been corrupted by ransomware. CyberSense utilizes a combination of full-content-based analytics and machine learning to detect if an attack has occurred.

"Dell EMC recognizes the value of CyberSense’s content-based analytics to detect corruption due to a cyber-attack as a critical requirement to outsmart sophisticated ransomware threats,: Index Engines CEO Tim Williams said. "Delivering the first offering that integrates CyberSense with the isolated Cyber Recovery vault, Dell EMC delivers the most powerful solution on the market to detect, diagnose and quickly recover from an attack and avoid business interruption."

Index Engines clients range from small data environments that manage terabytes of content to global firms that support complex data environments measured in petabytes. Deployments include everything from data minimization, legacy backup catalog and data consolidation, to ransomware recovery and governance readiness.

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