Automated, Cost Effective eDiscovery

Identify, Collect and Preserve Data From Any Source

Managing data for eDiscovery should not be a complex process. Index Engines’ high-speed data collection and management platform makes the culling process time and cost efficient; enabling eDiscovery and legal hold projects to be completed under stricter deadlines and budgets with less man hours. Faster time to data. Faster time to review. Faster with less resources.

Index Engines offers a unified platform, which can process data from any critical source, at unprecedented speed and efficiency. No other platform can manage data from all critical sources including online networks, hard drives, email servers, forensic images and even backup tapes with a single cost-effective platform. Using a unified solution enables search, reporting, dedupe, and deNISTing across the entire data set, ensuring accuracy and defensibility.

Efficient, automated workflow

Automated workflow is the true power of the Index Engines eDiscovery platform. Automated workflow consists of:

  • Unified identification and collection from all critical data sources, from online network data to legacy backup tapes.
  • Onsite, or services-based processing engines for flexible deployment options.
  • Automated collection of responsive data based on keyword or metadata criteria.
  • Defensible legal hold archive to manage and secure ESI for early review.
  • Comprehensive culling across all data sets and media to ensure accuracy.
  • Dynamic reporting for management and filtering of data.
  • Extract data in load file format to ensure easy upload into popular review platforms like Relativity.

Leveraging this powerful eDiscovery platform accelerates time to data and ensures an auditable workflow that is defensible and cost effective.

For eDiscovery projects with large volumes of data, Index Engines delivers unheard of processing speeds of up to 1TB per hour using a single engine. No other solution even comes close.

At search time, the intuitive user interface allows for simple or complex queries. Search for custodian mailboxes or use keyword search to find specific files and email. Date ranges, file types, locations, owners and other common metadata and content fields can be queried. Powerful reports will summarize content and facilitate culling. Use reports to review all sender and receiver email domains and quickly filter spam or privileged email from the result set.

eDiscovery Defensibility

Once responsive data is identified, it can be extracted for additional review, or archived for long-term legal hold or preservation. The Index Engines' archive is integrated and auditable ensuring that a forensically sound copy of responsive data is secured and available as long as required.

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