Enterprise Vault Data Migration

Extract, Cull and Migrate Archived Data

Organizations archive decades of valuable content in Enterprise Vault that can quickly comprise hundreds of terabytes or even petabytes of files and email. This content may be critical to support eDiscovery, compliance and regulatory requirements and it is often challenging to find and secure it when needed.

This content can become a significant risk or liability in the future if it is not managed according to corporate policies. Additionally, the cost and management of this archive is becoming a significant item on your annual data center and legal budget.

It is estimated that the cost of managing one petabyte of enterprise data can reach $5,000,000 annually. Once data becomes locked in a proprietary archive such as Enterprise Vault, this number can increase significantly. Beyond the ongoing data center costs, the risk of not properly managing and preserving sensitive user data can result in fines and sanctions that could harm an organization's value and reputation.

Index Engines works with organizations to help them export the contents from Enterprise Vault, index and profile it, clean it up, and migrate it to a new archive for long-term retention.

Using Index Engines, clients can achieve the following:

  • Extract contents from Enterprise Vault archive to disk for processing.
  • Generate reports and profiles of the content including owners, dates, file types, etc.
  • Prune the content, allowing for aged and trivial data to be purged.
  • Provide access to critical business records with the ability to extract them and preserve them in a useful and searchable repository.
  • Assess Enterprise Vault data compared to external networks and server data, understanding what is duplicate.
  • Full migration of data of value from Enterprise Vault to Index Engines archive or a third party repository.

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