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Find and manage sensitive content on your networks

As users continue to create massive volumes of content, it is easy for sensitive data, including customer social security numbers, credit card numbers and other proprietary data to become lost and stored on the network. Additionally, users can easily create mini-archives of email using PSTs, and store them on the network without anyone knowing they exist. Sensitive content in documents and email poses a hidden liability that could cause future pain and expense when litigation or audits arise.

Index Engines enables networks and servers to be profiled. Content containing personally identifiable information (PII) or sensitive keywords are discovered and managed. Additionally, locating PSTs and loose email on the network is easy and painless. Index Engines allows data polices to be defined and once data environments - including email and file servers on primary or secondary backup storage - are scanned a report of sensitive data is generated. Index Engines can manage the disposition of this content, migrating it to secure archives or purging it from the data center.

Normal working files that are sensitive in nature are generated daily as part of normal business operations. These documents can easily be shared and copied across desktops and servers, and can carelessly be shared with those who should not have permission to access and view the content.

Index Engines supports the search and reporting on ACLs (access control lists) and the metadata surrounding file permissions and who has access to those files. This metadata is critical in supporting security and legal efforts by providing a granular view into permission and security of sensitive content. Index Engines supports indexing of ACLs reporting on users read, write and browse permissions of specific data.

Securing and managing sensitive content containing PII and files accessible by unprivileged eyes is a major challenge for any security professional. Index Engines makes it easy to find, report and manage sensitive data in corporate networks, enterprise email and even legacy backup tapes through support of pattern and regex search and indexing of ACLs. Regardless of where it is, Index Engines can find it, manage it based on stored policies and even archive it for secure and safe management.

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