SharePoint Direct Indexing

Efficient SharePoint data collection and preservation

SharePoint archives can easily become bloated and unmanageable over time. Massive volumes of user content can make search and retrieval of specific files a time consuming and complex request. This is a result of slow and overgrown repositories that were never architected for the amount of data currently under management.

Index Engines delivers high-speed indexing of SharePoint data in place, allowing for comprehensive search, review and retrieval of relevant content. Previously, finding and collecting data from SharePoint was an arduous process with the only option available requiring that content be extracted in bulk to disk for indexing and then search.

SharePoint sites can be auto-discovered and indexed using Index Engines’ industry leading information management and governance platform. Data within SharePoint is indexed in place. No copy of the content is required for processing. Once data is indexed it can be reported, analyzed, queried and defensibly accessed and preserved to support legal and compliance needs.

Key Features:

  • Direct indexing and profiling of content in SharePoint repository. Data is indexed in place, eliminating the need to make a copy of content before indexing.
  • High-speed indexing, search and reporting on SharePoint archives.
  • Supports for SharePoint document versions, allowing profiling, reporting on file versions as managed within the archive.
  • Defensibly preserves data from SharePoint, maintaining metadata as content is extracted.
  • Supports eDiscovery, compliance, data pruning and clean up within SharePoint.

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