Webinar: Unlocking Legacy Backup to Reduce Risk, Reclaim Costs and Enable Transformation
How the Index Engines and EMC relationship benefits your bottom line

Organizations have amassed volumes of legacy data through the archiving of backup tapes for long-term retention. Data on these tapes create a significant cost and liability for your company: offsite storage fees, legacy vendor maintenance, skyrocketing eDiscovery costs and heightened vulnerability to lawsuits.

EMC and Index Engines have teamed up to provide a solution for managing legacy data and controlling the inherent risks and costs associated with legacy data.

Join us Thursday, April 7th at 1:30 pm ET/12:30 pm CT to discover how to:

  • Immediately retire legacy platforms and maintain access to your data,
  • Reduce your tape footprint by implementing a plan after your DR period,
  • Implement best practices for managing legacy content & controlling risk,
  • Leverage ECS or disk to streamline management of legacy data, and
  • Reclaim offsite storage and legacy tape management fees.

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