Know IT, Manage IT, Govern IT with Index Engines and EY

Combine the power of Index Engines’ software with EY’s world class governance services and you’ll get a transformed data center that supports storage reclamation, corporate compliance and regulatory strategies.

This unprecedented combination of knowledge and guidance enables organizations to know what data exists within the data center, manage it to reclaim capacity and reduce costs, and govern it according to corporate policies through a seamless service brought to you by EY.

Organizations get an accurate assessment of what exists, not a guess based off a sampling of the data. The user data in question is indexed and profiled by proprietary, petabyte-class software. Searches can then be done based on metadata (owner, age, last accessed, and more), ACLs (read/write/browse permissions), Active Directory group membership and optionally full text search (Social Security numbers, PII, Keywords).

Using its C-ROT analysis methodology, EY classifies critical data along with redundant, outdated or trivial data. Identifying corporate confidential and regulated data and separating it from duplicate, abandoned and insignificant files mitigates risk and reclaims wasted capacity.

Then EY assesses the results and takes action based on your specific data and your specific needs.

EY helps organizations implement:

  • Defensible deletion policies: Reclaim storage, ensure regulatory compliance and reduce operational costs and legal risks.
  • Retention Policies: Reduce risk, enhance records policies, comply with regulatory guidelines and keep data for only as long as you need it.
  • Legal Hold Archives: Enhanced incident response – produce relevant data quicker and eliminate reactive eDiscovery services.
  • Migration Policies: Selectively migrate information to the cloud or other tiers of storage.
  • Identification and Secure Data Management: Manage critical IP, PII, PHI, located in petabytes of unstructured data.
  • Information Sharing : Access and share information for business enablement and productivity.