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The purpose of backup, and (of course) the GDPR

Towards the end of an otherwise thoughtful blog post by Mr. Backup (a.k.a. W. Curtis Preston) discussing the impact of the GDPR on backup data, the author offers some "scary news" by posing the question:

...what’s going to happen when you say to a data subject that it’s not technically possible to delete a given subject’s data out of the middle of a backup in the middle of a backup tape somewhere?

Here's how I, Mr. Archive (a.k.a. Tim Williams), would have answered if I was the data subject in question. Keep reading

Where to Find Data Protected by the GDPR

Does the GDPR apply equally to all three classes of storage: primary, backup and archive? The GDPR applies to all that stuff. I've never heard anyone argue against that. Keep Reading

Where GDPR

How to Find the Data Protected by the GDPR

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How to Protect the Data Protected by the GDPR

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The Cost of Privacy: How to build an ROI for the GDPR

By fully embracing the change that GDPR compliance requires, you will dramatically transform your data center and the costs associated with it... Continue Reading


The Cost of Privacy: How to build an ROI for the GDPR

So what's the difference between Privacy and Security? When it comes to managing data, the difference is captured by the following formula: Privacy = Security + Governability Learn more


Eating the Elephant: How to get Started with Data Governance.

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Eating Elephant