Don't Know Where to Start? We Can Help.

The GDPR fundamentally changes how organizations manage data, but many organizations don't know how or where to start. Index Engines' helps organizations know what they have, where it is and manage it according to policy with easy-to-use, quick-start solutions.

 The GDPR is here. Don't delay any longer. Contact us today.

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Governance Readiness Starter Bundle

The Governance Readiness Starter Bundle delivers all the software and services needed to get started in managing unstructured user data in support of industry regulations and compliance requirements.

This 90-day engagement includes:

  • Project Prep/Kickoff: Plan engagement with project team
  • Install/Training: Install, validate and train on Index Engines software
  • Indexing Setup: Configure indexing jobs and schedules
  • Index Monitoring: Monitor and tune Index Engines processing jobs
  • Report/Consultation: Develop data classification reports
  • Project Wrap-up: Review project and develop a plan for next steps

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