Personal Data Management for the GDPR

Index Engines' technology delivers extensive search and management solutions that empower you to find all personal data under management with considerable precision and meet or exceed the requirements of the GDPR through implementation of powerful indexing technology. Index Engines supports all classes of data from primary storage to legacy backup data.

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Index Engines delivers the most comprehensive and scalable solution on the market today to support organizations’ effort to become compliant with the GDPR. Utilizing extensive data classification, detailed search and defensible disposition of unstructured user data, organizations can effectively manage personal data across all data sources.

Index Engines’ software is built to support the world’s largest data environments with:

  • Petabyte class indexing across global data centers
  • Pattern, keyword, Boolean and conceptual search options
  • Insight into metadata, content, document security, access logs, and more
  • Flexible reporting and classification for comprehensive analysis and knowledge
  • Integrated disposition including archiving to easily manage sensitive content
  • Automation and monitoring with full audit trails to ensure compliance
  • Support for all classes of data from primary storage to legacy backup data
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