Limited-Time Bundles: Network Data Assurance Program

The software and services you need to tackle user data growth

Index Engines' Network Data Assurance Program provides all the software and expertise needed to analyze, manage and clean your bloated network shares. Reclaim storage capacity, migrate aged and redundant data to lower cost storage, delete data with no business value and more with minimal disruption to your data center and staff.

Designed for a 3-month deployment, these starter bundles empower organizations to understand their data environment and complete smaller data projects. For larger projects, test drive the speed, scalability and efficiency of Index Engines.

Organizations typically reclaim 40% or more of their storage capacity.

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  Our experts will help you complete data projects in 7 steps:

  • Deploy a virtual server inside your data center

  • IE remotely installs and configures the software

  • Target data for clean-up, from TBs to PBs of content

  • Data is indexed and ready for classification

  • IE professionals consults with you on available reports

  • Reports are run, data is classified, and decisions made

  • IE defines disposition jobs and executes the clean-up