Post Attack Forensic Diagnosis

Security software is focused on protecting data from bad actors both outside and inside the data center, but what happens when these solutions fail?  How can organizations understand the impact of the attack?  How do they know what destruction has occurred?  How can they have confidence they can find and restore the last good backup so the business can minimize down time?

Index Engines also provides several post-attack forensic workflows that audit user data and allow for rapid diagnosis and recovery from both ransomware and sensitive data attacks.  These include cyberattacks where data was encrypted and held for ransom as well as attacks where sensitive files were accessed by unauthorized users.

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 Cyber Attack Recovery 

Index Engines' CyberSense scans files and databases in backup images, allowing for point-in-time observations of the data so you can find the last good version of files and databases to restore in order to minimize business interruption.  These scans are performed without restoring the backup data to a clean room for analysis, saving significant time and resources.

All analysis with Index Engines is performed on the backup image without the need to restore the data. 


Cyber Attack Recovery


Post Attack Data Audit

With sensitive data left unmanaged and scattered about your file servers and email it is no surprise that rogue employees or cyber criminals can easily get their hands on it and impact harm to your business.  Once this data is breached it results in public embarrassment, and with new personal data regulations, costly fines and sanctions. 

With a sensitive and personal data audit on email and/or user files, organizations will understand the exposure of sensitive data after an attack and will be confident going forward that sensitive data will be managed and secured to minimize the risk associated with future attacks and breaches.


Post Attack Audit