Index Engines Launches 5 TB Free Product to Combat Unstructured Data Glut
Index Engines' Catalyst Express gives organizations the ability to index, report, classify and manage up to 5 TB of network data

Index Engines has announced its new Catalyst Express, a no-cost software that provides full content and metadata indexing of up to 5TB of storage containing unstructured user data.

This software-only download creates deep metadata and full-text searchable indexes on documents and emails stored on the file server of their choice that can be used to answer questions like:

  • What types and classes of data is being stored where
  • When are files being accessed and modified
  • Which users can access what files
  • Where is the personal, sensitive, non-compliant, regulatory or high-value data
  • How much storage is consumed by redundant, old, trivial or stale data

Catalyst Express is tightly integrated with Active Directory, and includes customizable summary reports, dashboards, scheduled system monitoring and workflow automation, plus support for data migration and deletion with defensible audit trails.

"Most organizations don't know what they have, if it has value, if it's stored in the correct place, if it poses a risk or liability or if it's employee vacation photos and music libraries," Index Engines VP Jim McGann said. "Catalyst will give them this insight into their data and help them determine and execute data policies."

Index Engines' Catalyst product line scales to large global enteprirse data center environments consisting of petabytes of unstructured data. The new Catalyst Express software is a no-cost entry point that allows clients to leverage the value of the Catalyst platform and begin to control costs and risk associated with unstructured user data. 

Leveraging the rich metadata or full-text indexing in conjunction with Active Directory integration and security analysis through indexing of file ACLs, content can be managed with a single click.

High-level reports allow instant insight into enterprise storage providing unprecedented knowledge of data assets so decisions can be made on disposition, governance policies and even data security.

Upgrade options for Catalyst Express include:

  • Additional terabytes of capacity
  • Advanced data management policies
  • Integrated forensic archiving and eDiscovery workflows
  • Detailed indexing of file system audit trails
  • Metadata and full content indexing of Exchange, Notes, and Sharepoint
  • Federated search for distribute environments
  • Support for data within backup images (tape or disk)

"Catalyst is implemented worldwide to help manage petabytes of critical business data assets,"  McGann said.  "With this new product Index Engines is providing a great opportunity to begin managing risk and costs associated with user data at an attractive $0."