Index Engines Backup Migration Solutions Now Available through EMC

As a Select Partner in the EMC Business Partner Program for Technology Connect Partners, Index Engines today announced its Catalyst platform is now available through EMC and its channel partners.

Catalyst enables EMC clients to seamlessly transition to EMC®’s Data Protection Suite featuring NetWorker® and Avamar® solutions while still maintaining access to their legacy backup data without the need for the original software.

Catalyst offers a range of solutions including catalog management, data restoration without the need of original backup software, and single instance migration of tape data to disk to support retention requirements. Intelligent management and access to legacy backup data supports information governance and compliance requirements, while controlling data center costs.

“We’re thrilled with our enhanced partnership with EMC and the value we’ll jointly be able to deliver to customers,” Index Engines Vice President Jim McGann said. “Companies are no longer forced to maintain non-production backup environments out of fear of a compliance or eDiscovery requests. They can now maintain easy, searchable access to backup data while transitioning to state-of-the-art EMC technology.”

Catalyst enables clients to deploy EMC’s Data Protection Suite, retire their existing backup vendor and still maintain access to legacy data without the need for the original backup software. The Catalog Engine searches, manages and generates reports on legacy data with the Catalyst Tape Indexes utilized to deeply index the content so it can be searched and restored.

Catalyst also delivers comprehensive metadata search and migration tools in order to restore a single instance of tape data to disk without the need for the original backup software. This allows clients with risks and costs associated with utilizing tape as a long-term archive to efficiently migrate this sensitive data to EMC disk for long-term preservation and management. Once this migration is complete, the legacy tapes can be remediated recouping offsite tape storage expenses.

“EMC is pleased that Index Engines has joined EMC Technology Connect as a Select Partner, demonstrating its commitment to excellence in technology innovation for data protection and migration,” said Don Lamburn, Director, EMC Technology Connect. “We look forward to working with Index Engines to ensure that our mutual customers have the highest level of support possible for their information infrastructure initiatives.”