Index Engines and FTI Consulting Partner to Deliver Enterprise-Scale Data Governance Solutions

Partnership provides corporations with comprehensive, enterprise-class reporting, classification and disposition for both network and backup data

Index Engines announced a partnership today with FTI Consulting’s Technology segment for use of its patented enterprise information management software. This partnership enables organizations to leverage both Index Engines’ technology and FTI Technology’s award-winning Information Governance & Compliance Services (IG&CS) practice to meet the challenges of today’s regulatory, legal and data management requirements.

Many corporate governance policies encompass internal requirements – security, intellectual property (IP) management, and the reduction of redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) content – along with external policies, including privacy, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other industry or location-based mandates. Meeting these requirements can be difficult, as many of these policies require access to aged data that is difficult to find. The data center is a complex environment not designed to support search and classification across massive volumes of content often in proprietary formats such as backup images.

The partnership between Index Engines and FTI Technology bridges this gap, giving organizations a clear view on what data exists and enabling sound governance and defensible deletion strategies to be put into place. Index Engines delivers powerful, petabyte-class data classification and management software that finds, analyzes, reports, disposes of and preserves content based on policy.

“As data breaches and data privacy regulations dominate the news, companies can’t afford the risk of letting their networks and legacy tape ‘dark data’ get into the wrong hands,” said Jake Frazier, a Senior Managing Director and Leader of the IG&CS practice at FTI Consulting. “No matter the volume or data type, this partnership with Index Engines enables us to work with clients to analyze and classify materials so they can defensibly dispose of materials in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements.”

The Index Engines technology supports all classes of data, including files, emails, archives and legacy backup data, and enables FTI Technology’s consultants to index petabytes of data at speeds reaching up to 1 TB per hour. In addition, the Index Engines technology can create reports, filters and queries as well as automate actions including copy, delete, migrate or archive.

“When vital corporate records aren’t readily accessible and no one knows how to manage them, companies can be open to lawsuits, fines or criminal liability,” Index Engines CEO Tim Williams said. “This partnership will help companies create and enforce policies throughout their global enterprise data centers.”

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Index Engines is the leader in enterprise information management and archiving solutions. Businesses today face a significant challenge organizing their information to ensure timely and cost efficient access and management of user data. Determining the disposition of data is a top priority for any organization that wants to manage growing storage costs and control risk associated with electronic data. As a result, legal and information technology departments that need smarter approach to mitigate data risks and control the growing expenditures of data storage turn to Index Engines.

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