Accelerate Time to Data with Enhancements to User Data Collection and Management

New York, NY— January 29, 2013 Index Engines, Inc, is announcing a new portable collection engine, an advanced legal hold archive, a cost-reducing custodian-based pricing model, and a flexible user profile solution to streamline and accelerate the identification, collection and preservation of electronically stored information (ESI) Tuesday, Jan. 29 at LegalTech New York.

With these upgrades, the costs and time to collect and preserve user data, including online network, desktops, hard drives, forensic images and backup tapes is significantly reduced.

“Index Engines has been focused on streamlining the workflow, reducing ESI collection and management costs, and making the process more defensible and reliable,” said Jim McGann, VP of marketing at Index Engines.

“With this new release we have made major strides towards this goal and have introduced a unique custodian-based pricing model that will have a significant impact on eDiscovery projects, allowing partners to pay for what they need and not unresponsive data.”

Index Engine’s industry-leading enhancements now provide streamlined workflow for everything from remotely capturing a snapshot of ESI on clients sites, to culling and preserving all ESI sources in a forensic archive and reviewing content via industry leading solutions including Relativity®.

  • The new Onsite Collection Engine, a portable server, can be transported to clients’ sites to perform ESI identification and collection making capturing a forensic snapshot of content simple and easy. Data captured in the engine can then be integrated into the full Octane platform for integrated culling, analysis and preservation.
  • The advanced legal hold archive is fully integrated into the eDiscovery workflow and supports an audit trail that is defensible and forensically sound. Enhancements speed and scalability improvements all clients to manage large scale projects.
  • The custodian based pricing model for service providers allows for predictable and cost effective fees by only charging for the custodians needed and not the content that is indexed. Indexing is now free. ESI is fully searchable (full text and metadata) and the responsive data presented as a list of custodians. Unlock keys will allow for this data to be accessible and preserved.
  • User Profiles allow controlled access to specific data sets based on user roles and account logins. For clients managing multiple projects this allows them to segment and secure the data based on permissions and access requirements.
Index Engines last major advancement came out in 2012 when it added support for Relativity®, OCR and high-speed forensic image processing, broadening EDRM support through an unified platform.