Detect and Recover from Ransomware Attacks with CyberSense

Analytics, Machine Learning and Forensic Tools to Quickly Recover from Cyberattacks

Solutions that protect against cyberattacks and ransomware typically focus on real-time protection of an organization’s data. These solutions are a critical part of any organization’s data security arsenal, however, they are not enough. We know that real-time solutions are not 100% effective, and cyberattacks continue to corrupt and delete data.

CyberSense adds a layer of protection on these real-time solutions and detects data corruption, diagnoses the attack vector, and allows for rapid recovery by reporting on the last good version of the backup data.  With CyberSense an attack can be detected in a typical data backup cycle and becomes as easy to recover from as any other disaster - by using your existing data protection software. (For CyberSense as part of Dell EMC's Cyber Recovery, go here.)

CyberSense Workflow

CyberSense is an added layer of protection to analyze data and determine if an attack has occurred. Data can be analyzed on primary storage or as a component to your data backup environment as follows:

Cybersense image

Key Features and Benefits

CyberSense delivers a unique approach by looking inside data to determine if there has been an attack. Key advantages include:

  • Alerts when indicators of compromise and attacks are detected.
  • Detects common attacks including encryption, ransomware, destruction and slow corruption.
  • Direct indexing of content in backups without the need to rehydrate the data.
  • 99.5% accuracy in detecting corruption due to ransomware.
  • Forensic analysis reports to help recover from cyber attack and diagnose attack vector.
  • Report on the last good backup sets, pre-attack, to restore clean data and minimize business interruption.


Index Engines clients range from small data environments that manage terabytes of content to global firms that support complex data environments measured in petabytes. Deployments include everything from data minimization, legacy backup catalog and data consolidation, to ransomware recovery and governance readiness.

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