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CyberSense 8.6: What's New

CyberSense 8.6 supports smarter recovery from ransomware attacks, introduces customizable threshold alerts and broadens platform and workload compatibility

"CyberSense 8.6 is a pivotal tool for enhancing cybersecurity resilience, offering advanced ransomware detection and smart recovery solutions,” said Darrel Kent, GigaOm Analyst. “Its innovative approach anticipates the complexities of cyber threats and offers a streamlined, intelligent recovery process. This advancement underscores the critical need for comprehensive strategies that span cybersecurity, cyber resilience, and cyber recovery to safeguard against and recover from the inevitable cyberattack.” 


CyberSense 8.6: Takeaways from TECHunplugged Analysts

Analyst Max Mortillaro had the opportunity to hear more about Index Engines CyberSense solution at Security Field Day in April 2024. In this episode Max will talk with TECHunplugged colleage Arjan Timmerman on the key take aways from this session. 

You can also read their article,
CyberSense: A Unique Approach to Ransomware Protection and Recovery here.
Futurum Group

Lab Validation: Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery with CyberSense

The Convergence: Cyber Security and Storage

In this episode of Infrastructure Matters – Insider Edition, Futurum Analysts Krista Macomber and Randy Kerns are joined by Jim McGann, Index Engines’ Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, for a conversation focusing on the topic of the convergence of cyber security and storage.

Specifically, their discussion covers:
  • Critical capabilities of cybersecure storage systems, including immutability
  • New approaches and technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), that bad actors have been using to ramp up their game when it comes to attacking organizations, and how to keep up

CyberSense Overview: Detect, Diagnose, Recover

In this 30-minute video you'll receive a high-level understanding of CyberSense and where it fits in your security ecosystem. CyberSense does not stop an attack, you already have security tools for that. CyberSense uses advanced AI and machine learning to detect sophisticated corruption caused by ransomware that successfully bypasses those detection tools.

In this video, you'll discover:
  • How ransomware corrupts database pages
  • The new variants that are bypassing metadata-level protection
  • How CyberSense provides your last line of defense against ransomware

Ransomware-Proofing Data Protection & Storage

Check out this "Insight Jam" panel brought to you by Solutions Review, featuring our VP, Strategic Partnerships, Jim McGann along with other industry experts to discuss ransomware-proofing data protection and storage environments.

In this video, you'll discover:
  • The latest trends in ransomware attacks, and how are they specifically targeting data storage and backup systems 
  • The key components of a robust ransomware-proof data protection and storage strategy
  • The emerging technologies including AI that will be key in enhancing ransomware resilience
Index Engines clients range from small data environments that manage terabytes of content to global firms that support complex data environments measured in petabytes. Deployments include everything from data minimization, legacy backup catalog and data consolidation, to ransomware recovery and governance readiness.

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