Dell EMC


Webinar: Retire Legacy Backup Infrastructure

Learn How To Intelligently Manage Legacy Backup Catalogs and LTR Data

Organizations are looking to modernize, automate and transform IT and Data Protection to make Digital Transformation real.  Legacy backup software is holding them back because of the need to maintain access to long-term retention (LTR) data.  Organizations are utilizing backup tapes in support of their LTR requirements, but archiving these legacy tapes to offsite storage and saving everything doesn’t solve retention requirements and ensure compliance.

Using tape for LTR is an expensive and risky strategy. You must:

  • Maintain backup media and restoration servers,
  • Pay legacy backup vendors expensive software maintenance fees,
  • Save everything - even data you shouldn’t – indefinitely, and
  • Wait months to find data needed for the GDPR, compliance and legal requests.

Dell EMC and Index Engines have a solution to eliminate legacy tape infrastructure, migrate data of value to low-cost cloud solutions, and deploy a more intelligent LTR archive that will meet the demands of today’s regulatory environment. This allows customers to feel confident they can move forward with their Data Protection transformation strategy while still providing access to the LTR data.


  • Smarter, faster, cheaper alternatives to backup tape,
  • A plan to retire legacy catalogs, recoup costs and migrate data to the cloud, and
  • Reduce time to data when content is requested by legal or compliance.