Smarter Tape Restoration

Smarter Legacy Tape Access for eDiscovery, Governance, Migration, Remediation and Catalog Management

The traditional method of getting data off tape has been the long, expensive process of tape restoration. Index Engines bypasses that method for low cost, direct access to tapes. 

With Index Engines, extraction of content from tape does not require the backup software to search or restore individual files or mailboxes. Using direct indexing and extraction you can review the contents on tape, find relevant content and extract what is needed.

Our patented software performs a non-invasive scan of the tape that allows intelligence to be obtained about the contents: files types, dates, custodians, etc… Extraction allows the selection and specific content to be gathered, bypassing full tape restoration. It’s a radically different process that saves of both time and money.

Benefits of Smarter Restoration:

  • Faster and more cost effective than old-school backup tape restoration.
  • Search files and email for relevant data directly from tape; supports Boolean, pattern, proximity and more.
  • Direct catalog and indexing of backup tape content without backup software - no tape restoration needed.
  • Supports all common formats, tape formats and VTLs and tape libraries.
  • Full text/metadata indexing of unstructured files and email.
  • Forensically sound extraction of files and emails from backup tapes.