Archiving & Long-Term Retention

Automated and Reliable Legal Hold and LTR

With today’s compliance, regulatory and eDiscovery requirements, saving everything in an unmanageable data repository is no longer a sound strategy. This approach creates long-term risk and complexity when a file or email is requested for legal hold. First generation archives have failed to live up to the promise of delivering a secure and easy to manage environment for sensitive files and email.

Index Engines takes a new approach when securing sensitive user data for legal hold and preservation. Using the solution's collection capabilities, relevant unstructured files and email can be identified based on document properties, metadata or even content and automatically preserved. Data can be identified from any source including online networks, desktops, email servers and even legacy backup tapes.

Identifying what has value and should be kept for long-term retention eliminates the 'save everything strategy' and streamlines the archiving process.

Polices can be defined within the platform to automatically identify new content and move it to the repository for long-term storage and legal hold.

Tags can be placed upon the data to specify the hold. Items within the archive can be managed through this tagging process to identify relationships throughout multiple matters.

When data in the archive is no longer responsive to Legal Hold, this data is easily identified, and can be purged with confidence.


For compliance-oriented data, retention periods can be assigned from the onset of archiving to ensure content is not preserved beyond any legal or regulatory requirements. The archive is designed to preserve only the data required for legal and compliance.

Once data is contained in the archive, the powerful search interface allows the creation of simple or sophisticated policies and queries to locate and manage user data based upon date ranges, location, to/ from/cc/bcc, file name/type and more. Powerful reports are also available that provide a high-level visual view into the archived content. Individual files and email can be easily found, managed and extracted to support any legal request.


  • Fully integrated with Index Engines platform, allowing search, reporting and then seamless preservation of data in the archive in support of data governance policies.
  • Archived data remains indexed and searchable allowing for management and access to the data.
  • Native files and email can be extracted maintaining metadata accuracy.
  • Archive data can be searched and reported on in order to streamline access and management.
  • Retention polices can be defined and data expired when it is no longer required.
  • The archive is single instance and will not allow for duplicate content to be preserved.
  • Support for federated archives for large scale, global deployments.
  • Data in the archive can be tagged to support matter management and the identification / restriction of privileged data.

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