Intelligent Migration

Migrate user data to the cloud or a new platform

Data centers evolve and business requirements change over time. As new platforms and strategies are integrated, including cloud storage, intelligently managing the migration of data is critical. Using the wrong tools to migrate data strips out metadata fields, ownership becomes “admin” and the date last accessed becomes the day of migration.

Corrupted file metadata will causes challenges when new data policies or legal/compliance requests require locating specific content.  Additionally, migrating all data is time consuming and unnecessary. A data migration effort is the exact time when the content should be profiled and classified to determine what has value, what should be migrated and what should be moved offline, archived or even remediated.

Index Engines delivers powerful data profiling solutions to understand what exists and make intelligent disposition decisions about the content. Prior to migrating data to a new storage platform, an intelligent data profile can tell you what has been accessed in the past three years, what is owned by ex-employees and has not been accessed, what is duplicate, what is sensitive and more. With this knowledge some of the content may be migrated to a cloud environment, some to a new storage platform and archive, and some defensibly deleted or brought offline.

Index Engines ensures that all metadata is kept intact during a migration. Owners are not stripped out, last accessed dates remain intact, and existing metadata is not modified. When a migration occurs, all data is moved to a new platform without any corruption of the properties or metadata.

Using Index Engines to migrate data enables intelligent disposition strategies to take place. Without this knowledge, data would typically be wholly moved to a new platform. With Index Engines, data can be classified, and based on the properties of the content, can be moved to an appropriate environment. Intelligent migration places data in a new location based on its value and ensures that it is reliable, accurate and accessible.



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